Feb. 07, 2022

Board of Directors Opportunity – 3 Volunteer Directors needed Glooscap Ventures

Article by Glooscap Ventures

Established in 2014, Glooscap Ventures is focused on helping our Glooscap family thrive. As a company that is 100% owned by the Glooscap First Nation community, our role is to manage community businesses on behalf of Chief and Council, with the goal of facilitating growth and increased community capacity. The profit from those businesses is reinvested in ways that enable the community and its members to become more spirited and prosper with each passing year.

Glooscap Ventures is currently recruiting for volunteer leaders with expertise in the areas of Finance, Marketing, Sales, Renewables, or Law to become Board Directors.

We are recruiting three (3) volunteer Directors to serve three-year terms on our business-driven Board. Board members can serve for up to three consecutive terms if they choose. There are seven Directors on the Board, and responsibilities include providing strong financial stewardship; setting and monitoring performance measures; and effectively communicating and advocating, on behalf of Glooscap First Nation interests.

The Board has monthly meetings with the exception of August and December, for a total of 10 meetings per year. Meetings are currently held via Zoom. Special meetings maybe called on occasion between monthly meetings.

Core activities for the Board include:

• Develop, implement, and monitor a strategic plan for economic development consistent with Glooscap First Nation, provincial and federal economic development priorities and opportunities.
• Cultivate working relationships with the business community and key partners within the region, provincially, nationally to recruit new businesses, support development of new businesses, and retain and expand existing businesses. Supporting local businesses in navigating programs and services.
• Providing feedback and direction to the Chief Executive Officer

If you are a leader who is interested in helping the Glooscap First Nation community to build a sustainable future and continue to thrive please apply to become a Director of the Glooscap Ventures Board. For more information contact:

Michael Peters
Chief Executive Officer
159 Smith Road, Hantsport, Nova Scotia B0P1P0
P: (902) 684-3351 - Visit www.glooscapventures.com to find out more about our organization.