Nov. 24, 2021

Accelerating Cleantech Innovation in Oil & Gas Program

Article by Canada Cleantech

On January 18, 2022, the Clean Resource Innovation Network (CRIN), in collaboration with Canada Cleantech Alliance, is launching the “Accelerating Cleantech Innovation in Oil & Gas” program.  

The program is designed to help companies in Canada’s oil and gas sector as well as Canada’s cleantech innovators (TRL 2-5) develop the knowledge, tools and skills required to design, purchase and implement cleantech innovations that will help reduce the oil & gas sector’s environmental impact. 

“Accelerating Cleantech Innovation in Oil & Gas” will include a competitive cleantech venture selection process, tailored training for the selected ventures ("Innovation in oil & gas” training course as well as a tailored pitch training) and a mentorship program.

It differs from CRIN’s cleantech competitions in that it targets earlier stage companies. It also intends to engage the entire cleantech ecosystem since there’s an opportunity to make sure the journey continues for successful ventures and to funnel all promising participants into the different accelerator programs that the ecosystem has to offer.

Key Dates & Program MIlestones (virtual)

1. The program kick-off will take place on January 18, 11 AM - 12:30 PM MT (1 PM - 2:30 PM EST) with the “Cleantech Opportunities in Oil & Gas” webinar co-hosted by CRIN and CanadaCleantech Alliance. Register here

2. The webinar is followed by “The Cleantech Start-up Cycle” webinar on January 20 11 AM - 12 PM MT (1 PM - 2 PM EST)Register here

3. January/February 2022: Application period for cleantech companies (TRL 2-5) with solutions in one or more of CRIN’s seven Technology Theme Areas

4. March 2022: Innovation in oil & gas training for selected ventures

5. April 2022: Pitch Training

6. April 2022: Pitch Session

7. April 2022: Mentorship Program launch  

Target Audience

  • Cleantech Companies that have solutions for or are interested in learning about opportunities in the oil & gas sector 
  • Cleantech ecosystem multipliers, e.g. representatives from accelerators, government agencies etc.  
  • Oil & Gas Producers / Companies from other sectors that are interested in/ would like to learn more about cleantech