Aug. 17, 2021

Killick Group Job Opportunity - Mooring Chain Inspector

Article by Killick Group

Killick Group is seeking one (1) vastly experienced and highly competent Mooring Chain Inspector to directly support Suncor’s Subsea Program (SPP) for both onshore and offshore activities.

This is an ad-hoc and temporary requirement covering an estimated duration of approximately ten (10) to eleven (11) months. Part time commencement is expected in October 2021, transitioning into full time in April or May of 2022 until July or August 2022. However, the duration may be shortened or extended at Suncor’s sole discretion (subject to change at the discretion of Suncor Energy).

Summary of Responsibilities


  • Participate in the development and review of procedures and processes for equipment readiness, equipment handover (to Suncor’s Installation Contractor), pre-mobilization, mobilization, and offshore construction, including contingency planning, pertaining to the Terra Nova FPSO mooring system upgrade for life extension.
  • Regular attendance at Suncor’s Installation Contractor’s local (NL, CAN) project marine base as required for involvement in project activities, including active participation in the corresponding safety meetings, job safety analysis (JSAs) and on-site reporting/documentation.
  • Plan, prepare for, coordinate and lead inspection scopes of work on the mooring system components (i.e. studless chain, chain connectors, chain support assemblies) during Suncor’s equipment readiness and pre-handover activities;
    • lead pre-handover activities as agreed with SSP engineers to ensure all Suncor procured mooring system components have known integrity, are fit for purpose and are ready for Transfer of Care, Custody and Control (TCCC) to Suncor’s Installation Contractor (IC), complete with adequate inspection reports/documentation and material traceability records.
  • Witness and verify handover (TCCC) of project mooring system components between Suncor and the IC, complete with sign-off on corresponding TCCC documentation.
  • Oversee the IC’s pre-mobilization activities of mooring system components, such as chain cutting, chain flaking/staging, chain measurement/link counts, fit-up trials/testing, as well as equipment identification, matching, marking and traceability recording.
    • enforcement of procedure adherence during chain cutting and post-cutting inspections (to confirm integrity of links adjacent to cut links).
  • Oversee the IC’s mobilization/demobilization activities and equipment loadouts/backloads to/from project Anchor Handling Vessel(s) (AHV(s)), enforcing procedure adherence and compliance with industry best practices, while also promoting a focus on personnel safety.
    • attendance and final pre-sail chain/connector inspections (as required), including observation / consultancy during on-deck trials/testing, chain movements (from quayside to lockers, and potential stowage on deck and/or special handling drums), seafastening, etc.
    • validating the onshore return of decommissioned ground chain, including acceptance of the associated material traceability and temporary lay-down/storage, as well as witnessing and verifying the handover (TCCC) of decommissioned ground chain back to Suncor from the IC.
  • Support Suncor project engineers with interfaces between business unit functions and external third parties, such as the Installation Contractor, Marine Warranty Surveyor and Certifying Authority (Lloyd’s Register).
  • Work collaboratively with other Suncor personnel and SSP team members (e.g., project engineers).
  • Ability and willingness for periodic travel to third party sites in support of project delivery and to act as a Suncor Client Representative when requested by Suncor; and
  • Any other activities as directed by Suncor.

Note: Manufacturing Record Books and 3rd party inspection reports from fabrication phase will be made available, as well as any other details required to best perform the scope of work.


  • Ability and willingness for offshore travel as a Suncor Client Representative onboard the project AHV to enforce compliance with project procedures and industry best practices, and to provide consultancy and inspection services, as required, covering activity such as, but not limited to:
    • offshore chain cutting.
    • offshore chain and/or shackle grinding (if required – contingency only)
    • AHV deck recovery of in-situ ground chain that will be redeployed subsea and remain in the system for life extension.
    • AHV stowage of decommissioned ground chain for subsequent return to shore and handover (TCCC) back to Suncor.
    • on-deck build-up and subsea deployment of new chain links and connectors.
    • QA/QC and verification of comprehensive material traceability, mechanical completion and as-built records during mooring system re-build and install.
    • ensure proper make-up of shackles and shackle pin keeper devices.
  • Ensure that JSAs and SIMOPS reviews are carried out and agreed prior to start of inspection activities.
  • Generation of daily report/field memos as required for documentation of inspection activities.
  • Ensure Management of Change (MOC) process is followed, documented, and signed off by appropriate levels of authority in accordance with project specific MOC guidance note.
  • Promote a focus on personnel safety during vessel mobilization activities, offshore operations and demobilization.
  • Verify compliance to Suncor and the IC’s policies and regulatory requirements.
  • Assist with investigations of accidents, incidents and near misses.
  • Review accuracy of offshore daily progress reports prior to sign-off and issuance, wherever pertaining to mooring system inspection works.
  • Active participation in daily vessel calls, with focus on safety focus, inspection activities, and procedure compliance.
  • Regularly report progress updates and any issues/concerns to onshore Marine Construction Lead pertaining to mooring system inspection works.
  • any other activities as directed by Suncor.


Qualifications and Certification Requirements


  • Industry standard inspector training with vast experience, competency, credentials, and certification in onshore, offshore, and underwater surface preparations and inspections of permanent mooring system equipment, especially large diameter (146-159mm) studless mooring chain and connecting hardware.
  • Industry standard / accepted NDE certifications, with MT (MPI) ASNT Level II (or equivalent) certification as a minimum.
  • Valid certifications for offshore attendance offshore East Coast Canada, g. CAPP Medical, Basic Survival Training c/w Helicopter Underwater Escape Training, First Aid, Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS).


  • Minimum ten (10) years’ relevant experience with specific competency pertaining to onshore, offshore and underwater inspection of large diameter studless chain mooring systems.
  • Strong working knowledge of current industry standards/codes and best practices for chain inspection processes and documentation, including applicable acceptance/rejection criteria from industry norms (e.g. API) and Class Rules (e.g. LR, DNV).
  • Strong working knowledge of industry best practices for cutting and local grinding / repair of chain links and chain connecting hardware, including applicable acceptance/rejection criteria from industry norms, chain manufacturers, and Class Rules.
  • Demonstrated experience as a client (owner/operator company) representative during major subsea construction project(s), including green field and brown field studless chain mooring system installations.
  • Extensive experience in one or more of the following areas is required:
    • studless chain inspection on behalf of Marine Warranty Surveyors, Classification Societies (e.g. LR, DNV), Certifying Authorities, and/or other valid Independent Verification Agents.
    • studless chain inspection as an on-site 3rd party inspector at major chain manufacturing plants (e.g. Vicinay).
    • inspection for the re-certification, re-purposing, re-deployment, and/or life extension of studless chain mooring systems.
  • Knowledge and familiarity with construction sites/yards and construction management.
  • Experience with adhering to industry standard project delivery models and associated project management systems such as EH&S, cost control, planning, quality, document control and management of change.
  • Strong interpersonal skills with proven ability to manage and motivate external third parties, including installation contractor and sub-contractors.
  • Excellent communication and reporting skills to build effective relationships, gain support for recommendations and resolve project issues.

Killick Group thanks all applicants in advance. Only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.
All applicants will be considered for employment without attention to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran or disability status.

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