Jul. 06, 2021

Canadian Electricity Association - Reliability & Resiliency Award Form

Article by Canadian Electricity Association

Due Date: 5.00 pm PT on July 31st, 2021

The CEA Reliability and Resiliency Award will recognize participants in CEA’s reliability programs for their commitment to and accomplishment of reliability by reviewing their innovation, asset management initiatives, reliability/maintenance programs, outage modelling and outage communications to ensure a resilient and reliable power network.

Award Focus Areas

Asset Management
The company must demonstrate a high standard for asset management and explain below how they meet and exceed this standard in asset management. Initiatives to improve reliability performance through effective asset management should be described in this section.

Innovation in Reliability
The company must demonstrate how they have implemented innovative methods, projects or programs to improve reliability performance.

Outage Communication and Response
The company must demonstrate what the reliability program does to selfmonitor in the areas of event monitoring, outage communication, and outage response and how the utility has improved in these areas as a result.

Overall Reliability Management
Overall, the utility will need to demonstrate outstanding performance in overall reliability program management.

Evaluation Process

The award evaluation panel will conduct its deliberations once CEA reviews all applications against the eligibility criteria. Each Panel member will receive a package containing:

• Entry guidelines and criteria
• Qualified member submissions

The applications will be evaluated in August and September, 2021

Members need to complete a separate submission for each award category. Any content beyond 5 pages will not be reviewed. Generally, the initiatives submitted for award recognition need to have occurred in the last two years, but those that were commissioned prior to that will also be considered if the applicant can show sustained results and performance improvement.

Awards Evaluation Panel

The evaluation panel is composed of members of the Canadian Electricity Association’s Public Advisory Panel. From time to time, CEA may invite other individuals with expertise on reliability to join the program’s Public Advisory Panel in evaluating the awards submissions. The Panel discussions will be facilitated by the Risk, Reliability and Resiliency program staff at CEA.

Awards Criteria and Required Information

Basic Eligibility Criteria:

• The company must self-declare (see, attestation letter by an officer of the company) that its application for the CEA Reliability and Resiliency Award will not adversely impact the reputation or the credibility of the company and/or the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) in a real or perceived way.

• The company must not have any major convictions, charges, and/or other incidents in the past five years for violating any applicable federal/provincial/territorial laws and regulations (this applies to all laws and regulations that the company must adhere to). However, recognizing that not all convictions, charges, and incidents are of equal significance, hence would not necessarily jeopardize the credibility of CEA, the company may still apply (please follow the flowchart below for guidance.).

• The company must be in “good standing” on reporting reliability performance data to CEA on an annual basis.

Additional Requirements (for companies with convictions, charges or incidents):

• In case of a conviction, charge or incident, a company may still apply if:

• All convictions, charges, and incidents are disclosed by the applicant;

• The rationale of how the conviction, charge or incident falls below the ‘reasonable threshold’ and will not tarnish the Association’s reputation is provided by the applicant;

• The rationale requires senior management to self-assess and put forward their conclusion as well as sufficient information for the CEA and the awards evaluation panel to reach an independent conclusion. The award panel reserves the right to reject the rationale.

• In case the conviction, charge, or incident applies to a separate legal entity, and that entity does not fall under the scope of CEA’s mandate (electricity generation, transmission, distribution); or the conviction is associated with a sibling that is a separate company and is not covered by CEA’s mandate, then the applicant company is exempt from this criterion and may apply for any award category.

If you have any questions related to the awards and the application process, please contact Daniel Gent at gent@electricity.ca

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