May. 27, 2020

Business Resilience Training Opportunity

Article by Offshore Energy Research Association

SME Resilience Toolkit Training Opportunity

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to large-scale quarantines, social distancing and travel restrictions, causing major economic disruptions and preventing most companies from conducting business as usual. As a result, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) may be looking for ways to rapidly stabilize, strengthen, and pivot their businesses.

NSDEM through DAI’s Sustainable Business Group is offering (at no charge) a package of live, interactive trainings, workshops, and practical tools to strengthen business resilience in the wake of COVID-19. In order for companies to gain maximum value from this course, companies are expected to actively participate and engage in each of the modules. Businesses who complete the web-based course will leave with the knowledge and tools to achieve the following:

  • Stabilize and plan for business continuity related to operations and workforce
  • Manage cash flow, calculate runway, develop short-term financial strategy
  • Analyze customer demand and pivot business model to leverage current opportunities
  • Adjust sales approach to current environment (e.g., leveraging e-Commerce)
  • Shore up supply chain to mitigate further risk

*Businesses who register must commit to attending 5 live webinar sessions over the course of four weeks. The total estimated time commitment is 7-9 hours.

Training will be provided via live, interactive webinars but space is limited so please sign up before June 5th. The first ten companies to register will be enrolled in the 10-hour program, at no cost to the registrant.

Please see the attached Resilience Toolkit Description to learn more. 

If you're interested in signing up, please fill out the Resilence Toolkit Sign-Up document and send to before Friday, June 5th.