Torusoft develops enterprise software, mobile applications, and CMS-driven websites for clients in a variety of sectors like film and television, non-profit, telecommunications, government, education and national defence.

We also provide enterprise cloud services through our Halifax-based data centre. Backstage provides critical services like secure mobile device management, push email, calendaring, task management, file syncing, sharing, and collaboration to organizations of all shapes and sizes. Our hosted IT infrastructure guarantees 100% Canadian data residency, and delivers reliability and redundancy to your workforce, clients and suppliers, on just about any kind of computer or device, wherever they happen to be.


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Contact Details

Chris Marriott, CEO

+1 902 442 9330


1496 Lower Water St.
Suite 423
Halifax, NS, Canada
B3J 1R9


30 Northumberland Lane
Halifax, NS, Canada

Public Contact

Chris Marriott, CEO

Phone:+1 902 442 9330

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