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SWEB Development LP (SWEB) is a team of renewable energy professionals who are passionate about community, the environment, and shared social values.  Together, we have developed, commissioned and are currently operating 58 MW of community-based wind energy projects throughout Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. SWEB’s US affiliate currently operates two solar facilities in Massachusetts (US) with a total capacity of 7.5 MW DC as well as a 9 MW wind facility in Maine (US), with an additional 20 MW wind project currently in the construction phase. We have more than 1400 MW in development throughout North America. SWEB is the North American subsidiary of W.E.B, an Austrian, community-owned energy transition company. W.E.B operates a total of 249 wind energy, 30 photovoltaic, and 3 small hydroelectric power plants throughout Europe and North America. Their established nominal output of 523 MW and the produced energy of 1,343,078 MWh enable W.E.B to provide 383.737 households with electricity.

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(902) 431-0564

SWEB Development LP

6080 Young Street
Suite 403
Halifax, NS, Canada
B3K 5L2

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Phone:(902) 431-0564

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