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Port Hawkesbury Paper

In 2012, the mill at Port Hawkesbury was purchased by Stern Partners and reopened as Port Hawkesbury Paper. The SC machine (PM2) is capable of producing 400,000 tons of SCA++, SCA+, SCA and SCB papers for use in retail inserts, magazines and catalogs and represents about 20% of the North American capacity for SC paper.

The SC machine at Port Hawkesbury Paper is capable of delivering the highest quality and most efficient paper production available. Modern equipment, in combination with effective management and a highly skilled workforce, make the mill one of the premier paper manufacturers in the world.

In addition to the supercalender machine, the mill has three thermomechanical pulp (TMP) lines capable of producing 650,000 air-dried metric tons of fiber annually. This amount accounts for 90% of the mill's total fiber requirement.

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(902) 625-2460


120 Pulp Mill Road
PO Box 9500
Port Hawkesbury, NS, Canada
B9A 1A1

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Phone:(902) 625-2460

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