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About LearnCorp International (LCI)

LearnCorp International’s principal business focus is to provide specialty training services to clients in the energy sector. We are leaders in curriculum development and delivery, consulting services, gap assessments and training solutions that combine the principles of safety, technical accuracy and a team based approach to operations. Our competitive advantage is our ability to respond effectively with advanced learning techniques that engage and mentor individuals. LCI recognizes the value in partnerships and looks for opportunities to optimize the development and delivery of services to our clients.

LCI is a dynamic company that works effectively with each client to determine the best solution for their training needs. Over the past two, LCI has developed and delivered innovative training programs for specialist technicians in the oil and gas industry. Whether the learners are new to the industry or experienced hires from other facilities, LCI creates a training solution that provides the required technical foundation. The program challenges the learners to apply their knowledge and skills to advanced topics. Each program integrates safety into the curriculum and develops a safety culture throughout the training program.

Training solutions are created when many resources are focused on a challenge. LCI draws on resources from Cape Breton University as well as a network of leading industry and education consultants. We utilize specialty labs at Cape Breton University and we have the most extensive energy industry simulation models in the world. Our assets include; industry expertise and experience, the latest equipment and facilities, and fully developed curriculum. The success of our programs is determined not only by the effective use of our resources, but also by LCI staff working to bring the best to you and your team.

Vision, Mission and Values


At LearnCorp International we strive to exceed industry expectations in workforce development initiatives. Through the creation of innovative learning environments, our Team challenges learners technically and logically, and provides opportunities to develop the skills required in today’s demanding energy industry. We will continue to identify and promote new training methods and expand the items in our training toolbox.


Create high quality, innovative training solutions that engage and inspire our learners, staff, partners, and clients for energy projects throughout the world.

Core Values

• We value the importance of health, safety and protection of the environment and commit to keeping these principles at the highest priority.
• We value our connection and responsibility to Cape Breton University and the CBU Foundation.
• We value and respect cultural diversity.
• We value and deliver high quality, effective, engaging training programs that are financially sustainable.
• We value our role in making every learner’s experience an opportunity for positive personal growth as a member of the international energy industry.
• We value advancements in technology and will look for opportunities to incorporate these advancements into our training solutions.
• We value our products and we take tremendous pride in the effective completion of training solutions that contribute to a successful project.


LearnCorp International (LCI) is proud to have offered World Class Energy training to thousands of students and completed projects in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia the Gulf region and the Pacific. Incorporated in 1997, LCI is a private sector company wholly owned by the Cape Breton University Foundation. Our mandate focuses on cultivating and managing corporate educational and training programs, primarily on those that have international components.

LCI has established an internationally recognized expertise in the development and delivery of customized, competency-based training for the oil and gas sector. We excel in instructional design and the management of complex training programs. LCI provides solutions for the specific training needs and challenges of our clients including project specific training.

LCI works with clients to identify their training needs. In order to mobilize the resources of partners and associates to address these needs, several partnerships have been established within the public and private sector.

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