I. H. Mathers (Reliance Offshore)

Reliance Offshore, a division of I. H. Mathers, has been providing crewing services for Canadian and international offshore projects since 1981.

Reliance Offshore offers immediate access to an extensive pool of highly qualified Canadians to support your staffing requirements.  Our rigorous selection and assessment standards ensure the competence, reliability and suitability of all crew members.

Reliance Offshore fully complies with international marine and industry standards (such as ISM and STCW 09), and operates under a quality management system that is fully certified under ISO 9001:2015.  The application of international standards ensures quality and "fit" of our personnel. 

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Contact Details

Harry Isaac  Mathers, Director Business Development


(902) 407 0430


165 Burbridge Avenue
Dartmouth, NS, Canada
B3B 0G6

Public Contact

Harry Isaac  Mathers, Director Business Development

Phone:(902) 407 0430

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