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Heerema Marine Contractors (HMC) is a world leading marine contractor in the international offshore oil and gas industry. HMC excels at transporting, installing and removing offshore facilities. These include fixed and floating structures, subsea pipelines and infrastructures in shallow waters, deep and ultra deep waters.

HMC manages the entire supply chain of offshore construction, from design through to completion. Headquartered in Leiden, our services encompass engineering, planning, logistics, project management and execution of projects all over the world. HMC is proud of her excellence in project management and engineering, our passionate workforce and a fleet that includes formidable heavy lift and deep water construction vessels.


HMC owns three of the world’s largest crane vessels, SSCV Thialf, DCV Balder, and SSCV Hermod and added in 2013 DCV Aegir to its fleet. The Aegir is a monohull vessel with the capability to execute complex deepwater infrastructure and pipeline projects in ultra deep water.

HMC’s fleet has large deck areas and unique capacities in the areas of heavy lifting and motion behavior. This has earned us a reputation for superior workability and excellent station-keeping.

Harsh environments and great water depths demand an innovative approach, experience, and, of course, the right equipment. HMC’s versatile fleet and sound project management ensure a smooth marine operation.

In July 2015 HMC signed an engineering and construction contract with Semcorp Marine for the building of a new DP3 Semi-Submersible Crane Vessel (SSCV). The new vessel will be equipped with two cranes of 10,000 tonnes lifting capacity each. The vessel is scheduled to be delivered end 2018.


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Phone:31 71 579 9000

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