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Glooscap Energy is a 100% Indigenous owned and operated renewable energy developer and partner. Glooscap Energy was founded in 2017 with the mission to partner with other companies and communities to develop energy projects. Since that time Glooscap Energy has partnered in wind, solar, tidal and EV charging station projects. Glooscap Energy is owned by Glooscap First Nation which is located halfway between Wolfville and Windsor in the Annapolis Valley region of Nova Scotia.

In addition to partnering on energy projects, Glooscap Energy provides health and safety consulting. Glooscap Health and Safety Consulting is a sister company that employs Indigenous and non-Indigenous health and safety practitioners who provide advice and audits to energy projects. Recent partners on health and safety projects in the past year include Minas Energy and Nova Scotia Power Inc.

Glooscap is looking forward to working with the fellow members of the Maritime Energy Association on future projects.

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MichaelĀ Peters



410 Ben Jackson Rd
Hantsport, NS, Canada

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MichaelĀ Peters,


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