Cumberland Energy Authority

The Cumberland Energy Authority is a partnership between the Municipality of the County of Cumberland, and the Town of Parrsboro. An Inter-Municipal Agreement was formed between the Municipality of the County of Cumberland, and the Town of Parrsboro in 2012.

In 2010 a study was established "Regional Energy Strategy for Cumberland County" which showed large alternative and renewable energy opportunities thus showed the need for partnership in our communities.

The objects of the Energy Authority are:

1. The development and implementation of the Energy Strategy for the County of Cumberland;

2. The promotion, attraction, and development of renewable and alternative energy sources;

3. The promotion and implementation of energy efficiency and conservation programs;

4. The development of community sustainability through increased energy security, economic development, and environmental protection;

5. The establishment of the Municipalities as leaders in renewable energy use, and energy efficiency and conservation; and

6. The planning, development, construction, and operation of Special Projects. Wind and Solar unique to the Amherst area, Tidal power in Parrsboro and Geothermal Mine Water in Springhill.


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(902) 667-3028


1395 Blair Lake Road
RR#6, The Municipality of the County of Cumberland
Upper Napan, NS, Canada
B4H 3Y4

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Phone:(902) 667-3028

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