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CSR GeoSurveys Ltd., formerly Canadian Seabed Research, was founded by Glen Gilbert in 1985.  CSR is a company of professional geoscientists, geophysicists, and hydrographers specializing in Marine & Ground Geophysical, Hydrographic, and Seabed Sampling Surveys for; Engineering, Renewables, Petroleum, Cable/Pipeline Routing, Port Development, Geotechnical and Environmental applications. Our team provides a complete marine survey solution that includes RTK & DGPS positioning, hydrographic surveying, seafloor imaging, sub-bottom profiling, high resolution seismic, environmental and geotechnical sampling, as well as comprehensive reporting and mapping. CSR offers a wide array of ground geophysical services including Magnetics, Electromagnetics, Ground Penetrating Radar, Seismic Refraction, MASW, Downhole Seismic, Electrical Resistivity, and Tomography. In addition to maintaining a full complement of survey equipment, we firmly believe it is the experience and expertise of our hard working, well seasoned team that yields the highest standards of quality, integrity and reliability for our clients. This is based on careful project planning, the use of innovative equipment, and the unique experience our professional team brings to project interpretation, mapping, and reporting.

Marine services include; Cable and Pipeline Route Surveys, Multibeam Hydrographic and Charting Surveys, UXO & Debris Mapping, Dredge Surveys, Surface/Sub-Sea Navigation and Positioning,  Geohazard Site Surveys, Sediment Transport Studies, Depth to Bedrock for Marine Engineering, Oceanographic Measurement, Seabed Foundation Surveys, Ice Scour Hazard and Modeling Surveys, Geomatics and Data Compilation Services.

Ground services include; Site Surveys; Depth to Bedrock Surveys; Sinkhole Detection and Mapping; Underground Detection Surveys, UXO & Debris Surveys, Contaminated Groundwater Investigations, Concrete Integrity Surveys, and Borehole Investigations.

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