Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA)

ACOA is a federal agency which provides economic development leadership to foster economic growth through business development and job creation. ACOA offers a range of programs and services to help entrepreneurs and small business throughout all stages of the business life cycle. The Agency offers direct financial assistance to commercial enterprises and funds non-commercial business support organizations. 

At ACOA, we know that the oil and gas sector is important to our economy here in Nova Scotia.  That's why we're working with our partners in business and government to improve our technology, support local suppliers and become more competitive in the global market.  Our policies, programs and services are designed to help your business prosper through:

Supporting innovative research, development, and technology commercialization with local businesses and universities;

Investments in marketing, capital asset acquisition and quality certification; and

Exort training and trade show support to help clients access international opportunities.

Other ACOA priorities include increasing entrepreneurship, developing tourism, enhancing business competitiveness through technology, promoting better business management practices, identifying trade opportunities, and improving access to small business financing.

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(902) 426-6743


1801 Hollis St.
Suite 700, PO Box 2284, Station M
Halifax, NS, Canada
B3J 3C8

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Phone:(902) 426-6743

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