Air Liquide Canada Inc.

Air Liquide is the largest supplier of Industrial Gases in the world. We offer a complete line of Industrial Gases, Welding Products and related Services and Safety Supplies. Bulk Nitrogen for the purging of pipelines and vessels, Cylinder Gases for Cutting & Welding, Specialty Gases for Testing & Calibration, Helium for Leak Detection and Dry Ice for cooling, shrinking & cleaning. We offer a full line of Welding & Cutting Equipment for MIG, TIG, Plasma, Sub Arc, Flux Cored and Stick Welding along with Welding Consumables, Abrasives and related Safety Supplies. Also available are Welding Equipment Rentals, DNV approved gas packages, Gas Application Consulting Services and Welding Technical Consulting Services. ALC has supplied many of the major contractors of the Hibernia, Sable Phase I, Terra Nova, Sable Tier II, South Venture, White Rose and Hebron Offshore Oil and Gas Projects.

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(902) 468-5152


180 Akerley Blvd
PO Box 1009
Dartmouth, NS, Canada
B2Y 3Z7

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Phone:(902) 468-5152

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