Renewable Supply Chain Information Session

Date of Publication: September 15, 2021

The Province of Nova Scotia recently announced that it will procure 350 MWs of renewable electricity to help meet its climate goals, encourage investment and create jobs. We know this is an important announcement for our members so we are pleased to host an information session on the renewable energy supply chain.

In this session, learn what goes into developing and constructing wind and solar projects in Nova Scotia, from government policy and the procurement process to building and construction procedures. Hear from Jennifer Tuck, CEO of the Maritimes Energy Association, Brandy Giannetta, Vice President Policy, Regulatory & Government Affairs at Canadian Renewable Energy Association (CanREA); and Leigh-Anne Outhouse, Senior Analyst, Electricity Policy and Program at the NS Department of Energy and Mines.

This information session does not cover specific supplier procurement opportunities. It is designed to provide the energy sector supply chain with information on what is needed to execute a successful wind or solar project in Nova Scotia. This will enable suppliers to determine whether there are opportunities to come from the Province’s upcoming renewable procurements.

Thank you!


If you have trouble viewing the video recording on our website, please use this link instead.