MEA Member Spotlight: SpryPoint

Date of Publication: January 21, 2022

SpryPoint Overview
SpryPoint was founded in 2011 by a proven team of utility software executives to provide cutting edge enterprise cloud-based solutions for electric, water, gas and telecom utilities.   SpryPoint's mission is to provide utilities with the tools they need to provide top-tier customer service while improving operational efficiency. Our goal is to make the world a better place for utility operators, municipalities, and customers throughout North America.

SpryPoint Platform
Sprypoint platform includes the following enterprise Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions:

●     SpryCIS - Customer Information System

●     SpryEngage - Customer Engagement Platform

●     SpryMobile - Mobile Field Service

●     SpryMobile - Work Orders and Asset Management

●     SpryGIDR - Grid Interactive demand Response

●     SpryBackflow - Cross Connection Control


Over the past few years SpryPoint has been growing very quickly and doubled its staff in 2021 from 25 to over 50 employees.  SpryPoint is a trusted solution provider to major US Cities and utility service providers including the Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority, City of Akron, OH, City of Aurora, CO and Veolia. 

Employment Opportunities Available at SpryPoint
SpryPoint is always interested in adding highly motivated and innovative people to our team. Our hiring is focused on aptitude (problem solving & analytical skills) and attitude (customer focused & team players).  We prefer versatile and multi-skilled employees who can work with customers from multiple different angles.

SpryPoint currently has 9 job openings available ranging from Development to Sales.
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