Marine Renewables Canada VIRTUAL Mission to ICOE 2021 – April 28-30, 2021

Start: Wednesday, April 28, 2021

End: Friday, April 30, 2021

Marine Renewables Canada, with support from ACOA and the Nova Scotia Department of Energy and Mines, is leading a robust VIRTUAL mission to the 8th International Conference on Ocean Energy (ICOE) being held virtually from April 28-30, 2021.

ICOE 2021 official website

The International Conference on Ocean Energy (ICOE) is regarded as the world’s pre-eminent marine renewable energy industry development event, attracting international industry leaders, research experts, and government leaders from over 25 countries. The theme for ICOE 2021 is “Energizing a Powerful Blue Economy” and will showcase innovations in ocean energy technology research and development, prepare ocean renewable energy to benefit the larger “Blue Economy” and the electrical grid, and identify research needed to further advance the state of the technology.

This years unique all-virtual experience will bring together international stakeholders, experts and exhibitors from the ocean energy sectors (tidal, wave, ocean currents, ocean thermal gradients) with content and networking opportunities—available from anywhere in the world.

**ICOE 2021 is working in conjunction with NHA’s Annual Conference Waterpower Week, taking place virtually from April 27-29, to showcase the close partnership and cooperation of conventional hydropower and ocean energy waterpower technologies.

Marine Renewables Canada has developed a robust virtual mission for interested companies. Following are the mission activities that will be offered to all those who register to participate in this virtual Canadian Mission to ICOE 2021:

Canada Pavilion (virtual): This will be a large over-arching Canada pavilion that will include individual virtual booths for each participating company in the mission.

  • Each company will have the ability to brand their individual booth with banner graphics, logo, full company profile, website link, welcome video, digital marketing info etc. and can have up to 4 listed contacts,  Each virtual booth will have “interaction” options that will allow you to connect with and talk to delegates virtually visiting the exhibition. This includes a “request info” button  and a “live chat” button. Exhibiting companies simply include a schedule of when they will virtually be “manning” the booth and available to chat.
  • This virtual exhibition will be open 24/7 during the conference with a highlight on April 29th as the dedicated exhibition day.
  • Access to these virtual booths and company info will be available online for one year after ICOE 2021.

Full Delegate Pass: Each company will receive one (1) full conference delegate pass with their mission participation ($475-$650 US value).  This pass will allow you access to all aspects of ICOE 2021 including sessions, keynotes, plenaries, networking etc.

Matchmaking Services: As ICOE 2021 will not have a dedicated B2B platform as part of their conference,  we have contracted a matchmaker to work with all companies to assist in identifying companies to meet and connect with.  

  • Kinetic Cubed has been contracted to perform these matchmaking services and will  work with companies one-on-one to identify organizations of interest and set up virtual meetings.
  • The Zoom platform will be used for these B2B meetings.
  • Matchmaking/B2B will not be restricted to just the scheduled conference days.  As this is a virtual event we will also use the week prior and week after ICOE to schedule meetings.
  • Although the focus will be on attendees of ICOE, because this is virtual, Kinetic also has the ability to set meetings with companies/individuals outside of the the ICOE delegate list. Kinetic will work with each company on identifying these other potential meetings.
  • We will investigate the possibility of hosting a few “group” virtual meetings with other industry clusters or international organizations, allowing a number of selected companies to meet, provide short company pitches and chat as a group.
  • As this is a virtual mission and all B2B will happen virtually, Kinetic is offering a “added service” to interested companies where the matchmaker will sit in on meeting with companies to assist with the virtual interaction. The matchmaker representative responsible for setting the meeting would sit in on the meeting to help shape, advise on next steps and prepare a short memo of the summary. Companies can opt in this at no additional charge.

Pre-Mission Webinars and Briefing Session: MRC, in conjunction with the contracted matchmaker (Kinetic), will host 2 webinars leading up to the mission.  These webinars will provide companies with training / preparation for working at an event in a virtual environment and participating in virtual B2B meetings, an outline of all mission details, market intelligence and provide an opportunity for participating companies to ask questions of MRC and Kinetic. 

Digital Promotional Materials: To highlight Canada’s leadership role in the marine renewable energy industry and establish a global presence for Canadian firms, various digital marketing will be developed:

  • MRC will develop a digital “Canada booklet” to be hosted at the Canada Pavilion and will include participating company’s information (company name, logo, contact/website, brief company bio).
  • MRC will also work with each company to develop a digital one-pager that they can upload to their individual virtual booth. 

Support Staff: Marine Renewables Canada will be leading this mission and staff will be available to assist throughout the entire ICOE mission process.

Includes individual virtual booth (within larger Canada Pavilion), full delegate pass, matchmaking, pre-mission webinars and design of a digital one-pager company marketing piece (for virtual booth).
$400 + tax (per company)

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