2020 Island Resilience Action Challenge - CREF virtual

Start: Thursday, December 17, 2020

End: Thursday, December 17, 2020

The Island Resilience Action Challenge (IRAC) at CREF is virtual for 2020 and will take place on December 17th!

New Energy Events and Advanced Energy Group launched IRAC at CREF 2018 to build consensus around hurdles to grid resiliency in the Caribbean, and to identify real-world, actionable solutions. And then to act on them. 

Annually, 100 island policy-makers, utilities, regulators, financiers, developers and manufacturers now gather at IRAC to:

  1. Collaboratively identify the most critical regional resilience challenges
  2. Identify a solution and move on immediate action to accomplish within 12 months
  3. Leverage the Action Challenge into a collaborative, accountable, 12 month Task Force
  4. Ultimately: Effect Change

The Challenge is co-hosted by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB).

What will IRAC 2020 look like?

    • A highly curated group of regional leaders will gather, by invitation only, to agree upon the single biggest challenge facing the development of resilient grids across the region
    • On a bespoke virtual platform, those leaders along with private sector participants (limited to 30), will disperse into breakout rooms of 8 to 10 to generate solutions to the challenge
    • Breakout room leaders will present their solutions back to the whole group
    • Voting will take place to decide upon the winning solution, a Task Force formed, and milestones agreed upon


IRAC is complimentary for all senior Caribbean government and utility executives who should contact us to receive a code to apply to the online registration for 2020. For all other attendees, the incremental fee to attend the Island Resilience Action Challenge is $345.