Guyana Oil & Gas Summit

Start: Tuesday, December 01, 2020

End: Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Taking place on 1 – 2 December 2020.

Guyana is currently the most promising oil and gas country in the world. Several billions of dollars of investment will be required to unlock the incredible opportunities the country has to offer and to maximise the benefits of the energy sector for the Guyanese population and businesses.

CWC & Global Future Energy are pleased to present the Guyana Oil & Gas Virtual Summit, organised in partnership with the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce & Industry and supported by the Government, the must-attend event to do business with oil and gas stakeholders in the country. The strategic meeting welcomes national and international companies to meet with the recently elected Government to discuss the latest project developments and investment opportunities available in the region.

During the current challenging times, staying informed and hearing directly from key stakeholders in the oil and gas sector is crucial for the future of your business. The interactive virtual event is your opportunity to understand the latest developments in Guyana’s oil and gas industry, get insights on the impact of the recent elections in the future of oil and gas projects and to identify and mitigate risks to ensure your oil and gas investments in Guyana can be successful.

The Summit will bring together oil and gas industry experts, Guyana’s government and private sector to discuss best practices to implement a sustainable energy sector in country and maximise the benefits from its natural resources. Register for the Virtual Summit and be the first to hear the announcements from Guyana's new Government and industry representatives from wherever you are. 

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The Summit will feature 9 content-rich sessions, two days of  exclusive virtual networkingpractical sessionsworkshops and educational roundtable discussions about key issues in the oil and gas industry, providing knowledge and lessons from around the world which can be applicable to the region’s oil and gas sector.

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