Oct 15 - Resilience or Reluctance: Climate Change Adaptation Policy in Atlantic Canada

Start: Tuesday, October 15, 2019 at 12:00

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Oct 15 - Resilience or Reluctance: Climate Change Adaptation Policy in Atlantic Canada

The 2019 Canada’s Changing Climate Report (CCCR) projects that Atlantic Canada will experience extreme sea-level change in the coming years. This will result in more frequent high water-level events, causing damage to coastal infrastructure and ecosystem. In many respects, the future is already here. In 2018, for example, floods in New Brunswick affected 12,000 properties and caused $80,000,000 in damages. These events have a drastic impact on both the population’s health and pocketbook.


In light of the new CCCR report, this edition of Policy Matters considers questions such as how effective are current policies on resilience and adaptation for the east coast and Canada? What are the tough choices that lie ahead, and how do we address them?

The panel will include:

  • Blair Feltmate (Chair) - Professor in the School of Enivronment and Head of the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation, University of Waterloo
  • Omer Chouinard - Emeritus Professor in Environment, Université de Moncton
  • Megan Leslie - President and CEO, WWF-Canada
  • Kate Sherren - Associate Professor in the School for Resource and Environmental Studies, Dalhousie University
  • Robert Strang - Chief Medical Officer of Health, Nova Scotia

FREE PUBLIC EVENT - Rowe Building, Room 1020 (6100 University Ave.).
Tuesday, Oct 15. 12:00 p.m AT (11:00 AM ET). Seating will be on a first come, first served basis.
The talk will also be available via our Facebook Live Stream.
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6100 University Ave,
Rowe Building, Room 1020 ,
Halifax, NS, Canada