Daily Energy Bulletin

June 28, 2022


Friday, January 14, 2022

NYMEX Crude Oil: 83.97 +1.85

NYMEX Natural Gas: 4.25 -0.02

Industry News

National News:

How to make expensive green hydrogen commercially viable today — without subsidies

Canadian oil can be part of transition if it gets cleaner, IEA head says

Canada will need more electricity to hit net-zero: IEA report

IEA Praises Canada’s ‘Bold’ Climate Policies Despite 26% Rise in Fossil Emissions

Shift to net-zero emissions likely to drive higher inflation, economists say

Varcoe: IEA report underscores Canada's energy quandary: global thirst vs. green push

Building on Canada’s electrical advantage

Alberta earmarks $30-million for carbon capture projects so technology is ‘ready to go’ ahead of federal tax credit

Line 3 Pipeline Completion Delivers Long-Term Benefits for Western Canada's Oil Producers 

NGO urges Canadian authorities to look into toxic shipbreaking

International News:

Biden admin to hold huge offshore wind sale, modernize grid

US offshore wind 'inflection point', all hail the green supermajor, and Goldman's big storage bet

EDF Renewables UK and DP Energy to develop floating wind project

IEA says oil demand dynamics are proving stronger than expected

China agrees with U.S. to release oil reserves around Lunar New Year, sources say

Shipping giant Maersk to become major green hydrogen consumer as it embraces methanol fuel

McDermott partners with Australian scientific body to accelerate carbon capture technology

French city drops order for 51 hydrogen buses after realising electric ones six times cheaper to run

Aramco moves into Russia’s backyard with Polish oil deal

Diesel markets are soaring all over the world