Daily Energy Bulletin

December 03, 2021

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

NYMEX Crude Oil: 83.87 +0.91

NYMEX Natural Gas: 5.18 +0.09

Industry News

National News:

Canada's road to net zero will cost $2 trillion — as much as a year's GDP

World Fossil Production Still Far Beyond 1.5°C Limit, UN Agency Warns

Real Climate Leadership Means Separating Economy from Fossil Production, Berman Tells Ottawa

Alberta’s Toxic Tailings Ponds Grew 90 Million Cubic Metres in 2020, Provincial Figures Show

Enbridge temporarily shut down its Line 5 oil pipeline after protesters tampered with facility

Indigenous-Led Power Line to Bring Light to 17 Ontario Communities

Canada could see its first lithium-ion battery cell factory open soon — on the back of the humble forklift

International News:

Solar panels on half the world’s roofs could meet its entire electricity demand – new research

US makes 'next generation investment' with solar innovation grants

Guyana seeks a 135-mile subsea gas pipeline to extend its energy win streak

Forget $100, Options Traders Now Betting On Oil Prices Hitting $200

NextEra builds renewables backlog, adding record wind additions

NextEra, renewables giants among 15 kicked off clean energy index

Rampant solar's 100GW Texas grid queue puts wind power in the shade

'We want to be the Klondike of carbon capture, the Qatar of hydrogen': UK unveils Net Zero Strategy