Daily Energy Bulletin

January 25, 2022


Wednesday, October 13, 2021

NYMEX Crude Oil: 80.52 -0.12

NYMEX Natural Gas: 5.53 +0.02

Industry News

National News:

Line 5 opponents urging White House to reject Canada's 'audacious' treaty gambit

Cameco exploring nuclear partnership opportunities with Terrestrial Energy

The blades are getting bigger: Wind turbine advancements open opportunities for Brookfield

Opinion: Trudeau should build a cabinet better suited to the climate fight

International News:

Over 90% of Firms Aren’t Measuring Emissions Correctly, BCG Says

Business as usual? Not all oil and gas companies on board with energy transition

In China, a worsening energy crisis highlights the country’s dependence on coal as it tries to transition to green sources

Australian state unveils 'world leading' green hydrogen strategy to drive $58.7bn investment

Climate change could be behind Europe's electricity generation from wind blowing off course

Green hydrogen fuels to decarbonise 80% of global shipping

How Vladimir Putin became the most important man in global energy markets

Solar shines to energise 'world's first green steel mill' via Lightsource BP US deal

IEA: Investment in clean energy must triple by 2030 to curb climate change

Eric Nuttall: Oil investors stand vindicated — but there's no time for a victory lap. Here's the energy playbook for the rest of the year

Putin says Russia will target carbon neutrality by 2060

World leaders must call time on 'stubborn' fossil fuels at COP26 or face climate disaster: IEA

Energy from bogs: Estonian scientists use peat to make batteries