Daily Energy Bulletin

September 28, 2021

Friday, August 20, 2021

NYMEX Crude Oil: 62.26 -1.43

NYMEX Natural Gas: 3.85 +0.02

Industry News

National News:

Solar opens bright path towards ‘economic reconciliation’ for Alberta First Nation

Québec utilities have a plan to curb gas use and cut emissions during winter heating season

BHP may have exited oil and gas at just the right time

Potential Algonquin Power deal may have American Electric singing a different tune

Nickel miner Noront reiterates support for $325 million BHP takeover

Opinion: BHP exiting oil shows how CEO sees investors reacting to climate risks

Editorial: This election, the Conservatives finally have a credible climate plan. But is it good enough?

International News:

Emerging oil nations reject climate curbs on exploration, pursue rapid development

Allseas' renewables foray with its first-ever offshore wind installation

BP gets green light for $2bn Indonesia gas dream

Arnie backs all-American offshore wind, blue v green H2 row rages, and China supersizes

Alaska ruling shows Big Oil’s uphill battle in climate-fears era

Climate impact of coal sales from U.S. lands scrutinized

U.S. issues Nord Stream 2 related sanctions on Russians -Blinken

Elon Musk unveils Tesla Bot called Optimus at AI Day event

South Korea makes splash with green hydrogen floater plan

Typhoon-proof floating solar plant marks operational milestone in the Philippines

Guyana basin discoveries approaching 13 billion barrels with much more to come, minister tells OTC conference

Upcoming Events

Maritimes Energy Association:

15 Sep, 2021 - Renewable Supply Chain Information Session

27 Sep, 2021 - Closest to the Hole Golf Tournament

28 Sep, 2021 - 2021 C.O.R.E. Conference: The Power of Collaboration

29 Sep, 2021 - Salt Water Social

Industry events

24 Aug, 2021 - 3rd Annual 9-Hole Novice Golf Tournament - Fredericton Chamber of Commerce

26 Aug, 2021 - 32nd Annual 18-Hole Golf Tournament - Fredericton Chamber of Commerce

26 Aug, 2021 - Noia Annual Golf Tournament: Three Tournaments; Your Choice; Great Times!

26 Aug, 2021 - Virtual Colombia Oil and Gas Event - Meeting Point of the Major Industry Players

6 Sep, 2021 - Virtual Island Summit 2021

7 Sep, 2021 - World Hydropower Congress

9 Sep, 2021 - OERA Webinar Series: Opportunities and Challenges for Hydrogen in Newfoundland & Labrador

13 Sep, 2021 - The Gastech Conference

15 Sep, 2021 - Canadian Nuclear Association 2021: Leading Innovations to Achieve a Net-Zero World

16 Sep, 2021 - Marine Renewables Canada Annual Golf Tournament – September 16, 2021

21 Sep, 2021 - Noia Conference 2021

23 Sep, 2021 - OERA Webinar Series: Omics based analysis of Nova Scotia deep water marine sediments sheds light on life in seabed hydrocarbon seeps

29 Sep, 2021 - Energy Storage in Canada - Virtual Conference - Sept. 29-30, 2021

26 Oct, 2021 - Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference

24 Nov, 2021 - Marine Renewables Canada 2021 Conference: Marine Renewables + Energy Transition

7 Dec, 2021 - CleanPower 2021 Conference and Exhibition