Daily Energy Bulletin

January 22, 2021

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

NYMEX Crude Oil: 33.60 +1.64

NYMEX Natural Gas: 1.78 -0.05

Industry News

National News:

The pressure’s on for Trudeau to use COVID-19 relief to fight climate change. But how?

Canada’s energy industry could see a surge of deals after the pandemic subsides

Alberta gears up for another legal battle over Keystone XL after Biden vows to pull permissions

‘A complete disaster’: Investors take aim at Teck CEO Don Lindsay after commodity cycle misses

Release: Prime Minister announces expansion of support for workers and small businesses

Editorial: Joe Biden benefits from opposing Keystone XL. Canadians will pay the cost

International News:

Google says it won’t develop AI for oil and gas extraction

Power and oil can grow floating wind together, Iberdrola and Shell tell Recharge event

‘Greener-than-green hydrogen to be produced at same cost as grey H2 at world’s largest facility’

GM says it is ‘almost there’ on million-mile electric vehicle battery

Only solar wins in Germany’s latest renewable power tender

BP warned after workers fought North Sea fire by hand

Opinion: Peter Tertzakian: The post-pandemic fallout threatens to reverse a decade of energy security gains