Daily Energy Bulletin

June 04, 2020


Wednesday, April 8, 2020

NYMEX Crude Oil: 25.66 +2.03

NYMEX Natural Gas: 1.78 -0.07

Industry News

National News:

Canada, U.S., Mexico to work out game plan ahead of G20 energy meeting

Shockproofing Canada: Why we need a Strategic Petroleum Reserve of our own

A resilient recovery: an open letter from Canada’s clean energy sector

DOB’s Pandemic Survey Results: Industry Scores High On COVID-19 Response

Alberta Premier Kenney sees negative oil prices, $20-billion deficit in coronavirus crisis — ‘the greatest challenge of our generation’

Alberta unemployment to likely surpass 25 per cent because of pandemic, Kenney says

​Alberta energy minister says patience running short for federal energy industry aid

Opinion: Canada isn’t responsible for the oil price war. Will Russia and Saudi Arabia see it that way?

Opinion: If Canada and the U.S. slap tariffs on oil imports, it will be their consumers and refiners who feel the pain

Opinion: Critical thinking matters amid calls for folding up Canada's oil & gas sector - Stewart Muir

International News:

In the Big OPEC++ Output Deal, Who’s In and Who’s Out?

U.S. oil state senators to talk crude markets with Saudi officials Saturday: source

​Work starts in Montana on Keystone XL

World's first floating wind-powered offshore oil project gets government go-ahead

Wave power targets 'being competitive with gas' after EU technology breakthrough

​Hydrogen power plants get backing from two big German companies

Opinion: There will be winners in the oil war, but don’t get your hopes up if you are a Western free-market producer