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About The Association
The Maritimes Energy Association is an independent, not-for-profit organization representing businesses that provide goods and services to the energy industry in eastern Canada – offshore & onshore, renewable, non-renewable & cleantech, domestic & export markets. Our membership primarily consists of local businesses that are part of the supply chain and employ thousands of people, injecting millions of dollars into our regional economy.

The mandate of the Association is to support the maximization of Atlantic Canadian participation in the supply of both goods and services to meet the needs of the energy industry. Its purpose is to identify, promote and support the development of opportunities for member companies. It accomplishes this through its member activities and services, industry advocacy and policy research.    

Member Activities
We provide networking and information activities for our members.
Breakfasts & Luncheons
We organize breakfast briefing and luncheon sessions throughout the year where guest speakers present on current topics of interest to the industry. These are excellent networking opportunities. Breakfasts begin and finish early enough to have minimal impact on the working-day. Luncheon and Lunch & Learns sessions are also offered to provide members with more time to investigate issues facing the industry.   

Conferences & Trade Missions
Through cooperation and collaboration with provincial and federal governments, we organize and facilitate trade missions to investigate and take advantage of export opportunities. Matchmaking services are usually included in such missions outside Eastern Canada, thus introducing our local companies to a global market. Regular missions include the Offshore Technologies Conference in Houston, Texas (early May); the All Energy Conference in Aberdeen, Scotland (late May); and Offshore Europe (bi-annually, early September).

Core Energy Conference
The Association hosts the Core Energy Conference in Halifax during the early Fall. This is an annual gathering of decision makers and experts in the energy industry. It is the only conference in Canada to encompass the complete energy industry - offshore & onshore, renewable & non-renewable. Its purpose is to identify, promote and support the development of opportunities for businesses providing goods and services to the energy industry. 

Annual General Meeting & Dinner
The Annual General Meeting and Dinner corresponds with the association's induction of any new members to the Board of Directors. The dinner features a keynote speaker and pre- and post- dinner receptions.   

Other Networking Events
We also offer a number of opportunities for members and prospective members to meet and become more familiar with each other on a less formal basis. These usually include a spring social, a Holiday Mixer, two golf tournaments and various post-work mixers. 

Daily Energy Bulletin
Members receive a daily e-bulletin that provides the latest procurement information, as well as energy news stories of importance to the industry. In addition to news stories, the Energy Bulletin keeps members up to date on the latest association events, industry events and general news releases from member companies. Members are also encouraged to use the Energy Bulletin to publish their own procurement needs.

Industrial Policy and Advocacy
The Association advocates for the interests of the energy industry. It is a voice for its member companies to reach governments, regulatory authorities, the broader energy industry, and the general public.The association adopts policies that are in the best interest of the energy industry in general, and communicates these views to the aforementioned groups. It participates on a regular basis in formal and informal discussions with governing representatives and policy makers on matters that are important to the industry.

Whereas individual member companies may not be able or willing to be heard when raising industry issues, The Maritimes Energy Association speaks with a strong, unified voice collective of the industry.

Policy cannot be properly adopted in isolation.We invite and encourages members to share their views and opinions with the association.   

We are a repository of industrial history and information that may be useful for members' current and future activities. Documents and information will appear on this website.       

The association works with like-minded organizations in other provinces to better promote the interests of all members involved. Through joint conferences, trade shows and networking events, works with its counterparts within Canada and around the world to promote the interests of the Atlantic Canadian energy industry.

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