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OERA - Open Call Program - Deadline January 15, 2019
Posted: Jan 3, 2019

Open Call Program

PROPOSALS DUE: Tuesday, January 15, 2019 – 4:00 pm Atlantic Time

NOTIFICATION on changes to tidal research project interests – this intake only

The next OERA OPEN Call application deadline is January 15th 2019. The OERA will be accepting proposals in both tidal energy development and offshore petroleum geosciences as per our standard practice. However, for the January 2019 intake only, the Association will be accepting tidal related proposals that align with the following specific targeted knowledge gaps only:

TIDAL ENERGY targeted research interests – this intake

Research to improve animal detection in the top 15-metres of the water column in high flow environments; or
Product development that will reduce marine operations costs.
Research project ideas must be original research. Further, product or technology testing/adaptation from other ocean industries (e.g. defense, aquaculture, fisheries, oil and gas, etc.) for use in tidal energy development would also be of interest.

NEW – applicants can submit a ½ page abstract to screen for suitability. Read more below……….


PETROLEUM GEOSCIENCES targetd research interests
The OERA will consider applications that are focused on the following subject areas:

  • Basin Evolution
  • Reservoir Distribution/Reservoir Quality
  • Source Rock/Petroleum Geochemistry
  • Biostratigraphy/Sequence Stratigraphy
  • New Depositional and Petroleum Systems Modelling

Idea Screening: OERA staff would be happy to receive/vet proposal ideas for consideration, ahead of the mid-January due date. If you are interested in having your project idea screened to determine suitability, please forward a short (½ - 1 page max.) outline to Gregory Decker by 04 January 2019. OERA staff will consider all outlines and provide a reply within 3-business days (noting that the OERA office will be closed from December 21st 2018 to January 2nd 2019).

Please note, the submission of a short outline is not mandatory; i.e. prospective applicants that are confident their project idea is within scope of the above targeted research interests, may proceed and complete an application for submission on/before 15 January 2019.

Please visit oera.ca for full details on the OERA OPEN Call program.

For any questions, please contact:

Gregory Decker
Research Manager
Offshore Energy Research Association
Tel: 902-406-7018
Email: gdecker@oera.ca
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