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ACADA Safety Culture Workshop delivered by SayleGroup Inc.
Posted: Feb 9, 2018

ACADA Safety Culture Workshop February 22, 2018 (09:00am – 12:00pm)

This workshop will be delivered by SayleGroup Inc., and hosted at Falck Safety Services Canada.
It will include a discussion of the Legalization of Cannabis and Workplace Safety due diligence.

$35 for MEA & ACADA members.
$50 for non-members.

To Register Click Here.

SayleGroup is an organization that supports its clients in strengthening their Safety Culture through innovative means. The team was recognized for its cutting-edge Safety Culture Works Program products & services twice in 2017:

• Halifax Chamber of Commerce Business Awards – winner of the 2017 New Business of the Year category for their Safety Culture 100 Online Course
• ACADA Industry Excellence Awards – winner of the 2017 Most Promising Start-up or Business Diversification Award for their digital safety risk assessment App (digital JSA).

Why attend?

The intent of the Safety Culture Workshop is to provide attendees with a range of topics that have measurable impacts on an organization’s Safety Culture, resulting in many benefits and a competitive edge.

The planned legalization of cannabis for recreational use, in 2018, impacts all workplaces – even those with zero-tolerance policies. Are you prepared?

With Safety Culture: Marijuana & the Workplace, you get a comprehensive look at the top issues facing your business, including:

• Impairment
• Duty to Accommodate
• Employer Obligations
• Employee Rights & Responsibilities
• Physical Safety and Mental Health
• Workplace Best Practices
• Reasonable Suspicion
• The Future Landscape

This cost-effective course sets a baseline about what we currently know about the issue, and maybe even more importantly, what is currently being studied.

The outcomes / benefits of this course will allow organizations to:

• Competently assess and revise their Alcohol / Drug Policies or Zero-Tolerance Policies.
• Understand their legal obligations and how they’ve changed with the legalization of marijuana.
• Gain an awareness of the risks and liabilities (thus ensuring their due diligence).
• Educate their workforce on the information around the change and the requirements of the policy.

All the above outcomes are recorded as documented evidence of competence for every user.

We intend to equip employers and their workforce with the information necessary to prevent costly misunderstandings resulting in legal actions, or even worse, workplace incidents and injuries.

Attending the workshop will gain you access to the following:

  • Complimentary login to the award-winning Safety Culture 100 online course (Physical Safety & Mental Health).
  • A complimentary trial user licence and demonstration of the cutting edge new App – “SafetyCheck” which digitizes safety risk assessments into smart phone technology to engage the next generation.
  • A complimentary login to the Marijuana Legalization & Workplace Safety 900 Series online course (cover your OHS “Right to Know” due diligence).

Safety Culture is about doing what’s right to ensure everyone works safe and stays safe.

To ensure your workforce receives the right information, contact info@saylegroup.com.
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