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Oct. 3-4 - 2017 - Core Energy Conference 2017

This year, our Core program will be collaborating with the Annual General Meeting of the World Energy Cities Partnership (WECP) where major cities from around the world will be participating in various Core events.

These events will bring together business delegations from around the world to promote collaboration, identify export opportunities and learn more about business opportunities in the Maritimes energy industry.

The visiting business delegation from the WECP will be participating in B2B meetings with Core delegates - more details to follow 

On Monday, October 2nd, 2017 – from 4:30 – 7:00pm - a WECP AGM networking reception will be held at the newly built Discovery Center in downtown Halifax - bringing together the 2017 Core Energy Conference and WECP delegates together for the first time. This event is free for all delegates who have purchased a Core Energy Conference Delegates Pass.

The WECP will lead two (2) of this years panel discussions at the Core Energy Conference 2017;

Mayor Mike Savage - President of the WECP, to kick off this years panel discussions - Mayor's Panel

Energy is all around us – while often taken for granted, nowhere is it more visible than at the municipal level. It powers and accelerates the growth of our businesses and our homes. Without increasing energy capacity, municipal growth is limited.

To open this year’s Core program – Mayor Mike Savage will play host to the crucial energy conversations at the forefront of the energy producing cities of the WECP. We learn what energy development has meant to the Cities/Countries of this panels respective jurisdictions, while discovering how they are shifting to adopt programs of energy efficiency.

Municipalities are facing challenges never seen before - with issues such as severe weather changes, rapidly emerging technologies, and dramatic energy policy reforms. Learn more about what these cities are doing to prepare for a new lower carbon world – while maintaining the energy mix needed to power our communities forward.

Moderator: Mike Savage, Mayor, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Christine Sagen Helgø, Mayor, City of Stavanger, Norway
Lisa Scaffidi, Lord Mayor, Perth, Australia
Johnny Søtrup, Mayor Municipality of Esbjerg, Denmark

Opening Panel, Day 2 with the World Energy Cities Partnership (WECP) - International Energy Initiatives in Sustainable Water Management

Municipalities have a unique and essential role in providing water services to their citizens. Continually innovating to enhance the energy efficiency and sustainability of their water operations is a high priority.

This session will hear from representatives of Calgary, Cape Town, Halifax, and Houston about their strategies and plans. The panelists will share their insights on the features of their systems, the differing legislation and regulations they work under, and the complementary mandates of publicly-owned and investor-owned utilities, together with first-hand experiences from managing the shifting realities in the marketplace.

Hear how innovations such as improvements to energy efficiency of buildings and equipment, increasing electricity supply using wind and solar, and co-managing energy demand for water services are now an integral part of municipal energy planning and operations.

This panel will provide their perspective on these factors and more as they discuss how they work to improve the lives of their citizens in a world where energy efficiency and sustainability have become a top priority for those responsible for providing essential services.

Moderator: Graham Campbell, President, Energy Council of Canada
Andy Icken, Chief Development Officer, City of Houston
Bruce Raw, GreenCape, Cape Town, South Africa
Carl Yates, General Manager, Halifax Water
EnMax, Calgary, Alberta

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