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Oct. 3-4 - 2017 - Core Energy Conference 2017

This year, our Core program will be collaborating with the Annual General Meeting of the World Energy Cities Partnership (WECP) where major cities from around the world will be participating in various Core events.

Mayor Savage and the Halifax Partnership are thrilled to be hosting the Annual General Meeting of the World Energy Cities Partnership (WECP) in Halifax from September 30 - October 4, 2017. The AGM will be taking place in conjunction with our annual Core Energy Conference, October 3 - 4, 2017 - at Pier 21.

These events will bring together business delegations from around the world to promote collaboration, identify export opportunities and learn more about business opportunities in the Maritimes energy industry. 

On Monday, October 2nd, 2017 – from 5:00 – 7:00pm
- a WECP AGM networking reception will be held at the newly built Discovery Center in downtown Halifax - bringing together the 2017 Core Energy Conference and WECP delegates together for the first time.

This event is free for all delegates who have purchased a Core Energy Conference Delegates Pass.

Members of the WECP are also bringing business delegates to Halifax and the Maritimes Energy Association is strongly encouraging its members and delegates to take advantage of this unique business development opportunity - funded through the Nova Scotia Department of Energy.

The WECP-affiliated companies listed below are available for meetings with MEA members which can be arranged through Darlene Duggan of Duggan International Group, darlene@dugganinternational.ca.

In addition, economic development officers from 14 WECP cities will be in attendance (please see the cities listed below), and are available to help identify strategic partners and business opportunities.

These economic development officers are also available for meetings -

Flexlife Group – City of Aberdeen, Scotland

Flexlife have significant experience in the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of umbilical’s, flexible risers and flowlines. Flexlife engineers are skilled in all subsea disciplines and the company is acknowledged as a global leader in flexible and umbilical technology.

Centurion Law Group – City of Cape Town, South Africa

Centurion is a Pan-African corporate law conglomerate. Operating at the cutting edge of business practices today, we provide outsourced legal representation and a full suite of legal services to new, expanding and established corporations.

Wesgro – South Africa
Wesgro if the official tourism, trade and investment promotion Agency for the Western Cape Province, South Africa. Wesgro is the first port of call for any businesses planning to establish a regional headquarters or arm in Africa. Wesgro seeks to engage with businesses that are considering expanding into: (i) Africa; (ii) South Africa; (iii) the Western Cape Province of South Africa.

Shandong Chenglin Hi-tech Industries Co., City of Dongying, China

Shandong Chenglin Hi-tech Industries Co., Ltd is a multi-domain and multi-level group company involving in petroleum development technical services, petroleum equipment manufacturing, petrochemicals production, environmental engineering, energy-saving electronics production (LED lights), real estate development, research, development and manufacturing of new building materials (energy saving composite walls).

Junyuan Petroleum Group, City of Dongying, China
The main business covers propane and butane series, pentane series, hexane series, solvent oil series, and aromatic series. They are the largest manufacturer of hydrocarbon solvent, refrigeration solvent and blowing agent in China. They are also licensed to produce food grade hexane.

Karamay Advanced Energy Technology Innovation Inc., City of Karamay
Incubation centre committed to the research and development of the regional industrial energy technology.

Xinjiang Zhengtong Oil&Gas Co., Ltd., City of Karamay
Provider of engineering technology and services, and advanced technology, especially new exploration and development methods for unconventional energy. http://xjztsy.cn/English/

If you are interested in finding a strategic partner or opening an office in the following cities, the economic development officers may also be available to take appointments:

Perth, Australia
Daqing, China
Dongying, China
Karamay, China
Barranquilla, Colombia
Esbjerg, Denmark
Atyrou, Kazakhstan
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Villahermosa, Mexico
Stavanger, Norway
Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Aberdeen, Scotland
Cape Town, South Africa
Houston, USA

As part of this project, the Nova Scotia Department of Energy commissioned a market analysis of energy-related business opportunities for Nova Scotia companies in the WECP countries. To review each country’s energy sector opportunities, please download a copy of the 2017 Export Market Analysis report CLICK HERE. 

To schedule an appointment with the companies and the economic development officers, please contact Darlene Duggan, Duggan International Group, darlene@dugganinternational.ca

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